Want a Website of your own? There are 3 aspects to having a website.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Website design

We will look at each of these in turn.


A domain refers to the name of a website and is followed by a suffix e.g. .com, .org, .co.uk. The purpose of each of these suffixes is different i.e. .org usually refers to a charitable organisation, .co.uk refers to a uk commercial website etc

Deciding a suitable name: a suitable name will be catchy, short and describe your business/intention for the website. For example you would expect a website called Domain.com to sell domains and a website called dictionary.com to be an online dictionary etc

Where do you buy a domain from? The options are umpteen. Where you purchase a domain is called a Domain Registrar. Domains can be purchased but have yearly renewal fees. The initial purchase price of a domain will vary on a number of factors with domains costing upto thousands of dollars.


Finding an appropriate hosting organisation is next. Almost every domain registrar also offers hosting. An important consideration when purchasing hosting is is “uptime” referring to the percentage of time a website is up and running when hosted by a particular hosting provider.


Once you have the above two, you need to get your website designed. This can either be for personal or business use. Unless you buy a very expensive domain, the main cost associated with having your own website is the cost of website design. This can range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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